Anna Maria Real Estate for sale Newsletter 9-2018

             Anna Maria Real Estate for sale;  Sales on Anna Maria Island two months into the third quarter of 2018 show Y-T-D sales again up 9% at 319 (SF-186, Con-103, Dup-21 & Lot-9) compared to the same point in 2017 with Y-T-D sales of 293 (SF-168, Con-94, Dup-16 & Lot-15). 

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The GALLETTO Team – Anna Maria Island, FL. – Real Estate Newsletter – October 2016

Anna Maria Luxury Real Estate October 2016 Newsletter Sales on Anna Maria Island for 2016 continues at a healthy pace. September 30, 2016 Y-T-D AMI sales were 282 (SF-170, Con-79, Dup-20, & Lot-13) still down 13% from September 30, 2015 Y-T-D at 323 (SF-193, Con-95, Dup-15 & Lot-20). Sales in September 2016 for Anna Maria City, Holmes

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Real Estate Newsletter JULY 2016 GALLETTO Team Al and Scott Anna Maria Island, FL

Sales on Anna Maria Island for 2016 continues to lag behind 2015. June, 2016 Y-T-D AMI sales were 195 (SF-120, Con-53, Dup-12, & Lot-10) down 18% from June, 2015 Y-T-D at 235 (SF-139, Con-71, Dup-10 & Lot-15).   Last month Y-T-D we were behind 2015 Y-T-D by 20% & two months ago we were behind last

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